About Us

Who We Are

Giga Cloud Logistics is a leading global trade service provider powering the Giga Cloud B2B Marketplace, an online B2B trade platform specializing in the management of heavy and large merchandise exports. With an intuitive drop shipping user interface, ground breaking data analysis framework and global logistics warehousing network, the Giga Cloud B2B Marketplace is an unprecedented resource for suppliers and resellers of furniture and large home goods, helping businesses thrive like never before while meeting convenience and cost-effective demands from the market.

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What We Do

Specializing in the global trade of heavy and large products, the Giga Cloud B2B Marketplace redefines the traditional constraints of the foreign trade industry with digital trade, providing online and offline integrated cross-border transaction and delivery services for furniture and large merchandise.

The GIGA CLOUD B2B Marketplace

Powered by our logistics and warehousing infrastructure, the Giga Cloud B2B Marketplace not only allows suppliers and resellers to conveniently and efficiently transact, but also offers supplementary Last-Mile Delivery and 3PL Services

Our Partners

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The GIGA Warehouse Network

Our logistics system is supported by 17 warehouses across the globe spanning 2,500,000+ square feet of total warehouse space.