Giga Cloud Logistics Last-Mile Delivery Impact During COVID-19 Pandemic

July 15, 2020

With the rise of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the furniture supply chain in the United States has been significantly impacted, requiring fast response tactics from businesses in order to keep abreast of drastic shifts sending shockwaves throughout the industry…

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A critical component of the furniture supply chain that experienced heavy impact in the initial stages of the global pandemic was warehouse pick-up management. As a result of government mandated social distancing and other safety policies, overall worker efficiency reached an all-time low in warehouses across the nation, resulting in less personnel to distribute orders and fewer active loading docks, subsequently leading to wait times spanning for as long as 5 hours. In addition to changes in furniture distribution procedures, businesses found themselves lacking in resources to successfully adhere to high hygienic standards to ensure the safety of their employees and end customers.

The Giga Cloud Logistics Last-Mile Delivery services within our Southern California sector acted as a vital resource for many small and mid-size businesses, due to quickly enacted policies and procedures to align with hygienic and safety procedures, allowing businesses to continue processing orders in spite of the COVID-19 whirlwind. An organized and nimble task force, Giga Cloud Last-Mile Delivery prides itself in acting as an essential resource to businesses that need to respond quickly to internal or external shifts in their own business environment that has a sudden impact on their operations.