Giga Cloud Logistics Unveils Giga On-Site

August 21, 2020
Deliveryman with carton box at the car, delivery

Despite the unprecedented circumstances revolving around the global pandemic that has caused a drastic shift in the economy, Giga Cloud Logistics has continued to see exponential business growth and surges in client registration due to core services acting as significant assets to those doing business.

As a result of Giga Cloud Logistics’ growth boom in 2020, having expanded warehousing capacity by over 20% in the US alone, the company has rolled out a secondary logistics option for clients alongside their hands-free Giga Cloud Logistics service – GIGAOn-site. Catering to businesses with established warehouse locations in the the US, GIGA On-site grants businesses the flexibility and autonomy to manage their inventories in-house while having exclusive access to Giga Cloud Logistics’ B2B Marketplace as a dynamic sales channel, as well as the low fulfillment rates that our customers enjoy that are significantly lower than the current market.

With the ecommerce sector booming due to the tumultuous state of global health which has shuttered brick and mortar stores across the United States, resellers have found themselves scrambling to maintain their inventory levels to satisfy increasingly high demands, subsequently joining the Giga Cloud B2B Marketplace to gain instant access to thousands of products from suppliers around the globe.

Suppliers that were enticed by the low transit rates and instant exposure to thousands of resellers are now able to benefit from the best of both worlds, being able to select between transferring inventory to Giga Cloud warehouses to be managed by GCL or retaining inventory within their own established warehousing system while reaping the benefits of high levels of exposure to resellers, low transit costs and 48-hour delivery across the continental United States.

Acting as an optional logistics service on the Giga Cloud Marketplace, an online platform where suppliers and resellers of furniture and other large home goods conduct sales and purchases, GIGA On-site allows suppliers to seamlessly ship out merchandise that has been sold on the Giga Cloud Marketplace. With the program having fast onboarding times, a smooth transition process and cost reducing results, GIGA On-site is making shockwaves throughout the logistics industry, with the reveal trailing not far behind GCL’s partnership announcement with leading Chinese manufacturer Red Star Macalline.